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Open-source Lab Software



SudoDEM has been developed by former Lab member Dr. Shiwei Zhao while he was a Hong Kong Scholars Program postdoc fellow with the Lab. SudoDEM aims for efficient DEM simulation of non-spherical granular particles that will be of importance to a wide range of engineering and industrial applications. Please visit the sudoDEM homepage at github to download and try the code.



Our hierarchical computational multiscale modeling code based on coupled FEM and DEM has been shared at YADE for free download and use. The code was developed by former Lab member Dr Ning Guo using YADE for DEM and Escript for FEM in developing the hierarchical coupling scheme. It enables parallel computing using MPI4py for HPC cluster computing.

Grain Packing 2D and 3D


While working in our Lab from 2012-2013, Dr. Guilhem Mollon (now Associate Professor at INSA Lyon) developed codes for generating both 2D and 3D grain packings (Packing2D and Packing3D) with controlable grain morphology and desired physical properties, including grain size distribution, porosity, and orientational anisotropy, which may serve as a starting assembly for discrete-based modeling of granular media, such as DEM. Both codes (in Matlab) can be downloaded from Dr. Mollon's Homepage. He has also shared his recent development on tribology and deformable DEM at his homepage.